Accessing Schoolcomms from home

There may be times where you need to access Schoolcomms outside of school, to send an emergency message or work from home. Below are a few common questions and answers so you can prepare for such occurrences.

Can I access Schoolcomms from home?

You can access Schoolcomms from home by going to 

You will then enter your Schoolcomms username, memorable data and password.

From the Web version of Schoolcomms depending on the licences you are subscribed to, you can:

  • Send an email / text
  • View the inbox / sent items
  • Access / manage Payments
  • Access / manage Clubs
  • Access Schoolcomms Dinners (if applicable)
  • Access Management Reports

If using SIMS you will not be able to run an import in Schoolcomms (Via the web version) and the data will be from when an import was last completed within the school.

However Arbor / ScholarPack / Bromcom / RM Integris schools are able to run the import via the web version of Schoolcomms: Import management > Run import

Data issues

Every time you run an import Schoolcomms will run a check on your data and if there are any anomalies it will produce a report of Data Issue which you are prompted to view and action any changes will need to be done in your MIS and then the import re-run to remove the Data issue.

Click here to access information to assist you with managing your data issues

Please remember that if there are any issues with your data or the data does not comply to your MIS data requirements your parents may not receive any communications.

Please see section below for help with managing data issues.
For help with SIMS data requirements please see here
For Arbor data requirements click here
For ScholarPack data requirements click here
For Bromcom data requirements click here
For RM Integris data requirements click here


We are running low on text credits, how do I top them up?

It is always a good idea to ensure that you have enough text credits on your account to send one message to every parent in an emergency. With the risk of snow closures over the winter months it would be sensible to check your current number of credits by going to Messaging | Send a text and clicking on the “Text credits” button.

Check these guides for assistance ordering text credits:

Ordering Text Credits - Web Messaging

Ordering Text Credits - Desktop Messaging

Remember, the cost of each text credit is lower when buying a bigger bundle, if you think you may be sending lots of messages regarding school opening times/snow closures during the winter then it might be worthwhile adding a larger bundle now.

If your school have purchased an unlimited text licence and you are being asked to top up it is because the order process is exactly the same we just will not charge you for these credits. When it asks for a purchase order number please enter the word “Unlimited” and this will prompt our accounts team not to charge you.

What is the best practice when sending an emergency message?

If you are sending an emergency/high priority message then it is advised to change the ‘Send by’ option to SMS only instead of using App or SMS. App messages are sent via the internet and so to receive the message the recipient needs to have an internet connection, it is more reliable to send messages that require an instant delivery by SMS to ensure that the recipient gets your message in good time.

Also a quick way to select all students in the school is to use the group MIS Tier – All Tiers (This group is not available for Arbor / ScholarPack / Bromcom / RM Integris schools), which will save you some time when sending out urgent messages to the whole school.

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