How to create an Installments trip

Some residential trips may be high cost, and schools allow the payments for the trips to be made in instalments.


An instalments trip allows schools to schedule the date and value of each instalment to be paid. Payers have the option of following the payment schedule, or paying the full amount.


To set up and administer an instalments trip:

  1. Navigate to Payment items > Trips     


  1. Select Create trip
  2. Enter the trip name and select Create trip
  3. Enter the Description of the trip
  4. Select whether the trip has a limited number of places, and if required, enter the Number of places available
  5. Select whether the Date of trip is One day or a Date range
  6. Enter the required dates for the trip
  7. Select Save & continue
  8. In Type of payment, select Instalments


  1. Enter the Cost of trip
  2. Select the Number of instalments
  3. Enter the instalment Dates, Amounts, and whether to Allow payments after due date3.png
  4. Select the bank account that payments for the trip will be credited to
  5. Select whether to add accounting codes, and add any accounting codes required

Please note: If the bank account belongs to a third-party such as caterers or local authorities, accounting codes may be automatically requested

  1. Select Save & continue
  2. If required, edit the Consent description
  3. Select the check boxes of any information required from the payers in Collect pupil information


  1. Select Save & continue
  2. Select Assign people to trip
  3. Enter the year/class group(s) or name(s) of individual people to assign to the trip


  1. Select Assign people
  2. Select Save & continue
  3. Review the trip details, and edit as required
  4. Once ready to make the trip available to payers, select Publish
  5. To save the trip, to publish at a later date, select Save for later