How to incorporate images into your trip description

Currently, the embed picture option within the trips module is not available. 


Please note: To embed an image into the description for Payers to view, the picture will need to exist in a publicly accessible website, such as your school site. You will need to capture the URL of the image by navigating to the page that contains it, right-clicking on it and then selecting the Copy image address option. You will need to paste this into the description field, as detailed below.


To work around this issue, please follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the trip you wish to include an image into the description field.
  2. Choose one of the following
    • Select Create trip button to create a new trip
    • Select Continue setup if you are amending an existing trip that has yet to be published
      • Ensure you are in the Details section by selecting the correct circle at the top of the page
    • Select View summary if you are amending a published trip
      • Select View/edit trip
      • Select Edit under the Details section
      • Select Yes to confirm you are happy that the adjustments will not affect payers
  3. In the description field, paste the URL into the page where you would like to see the image.  This will place the image into the box as if you had added it directly.

Please note: If the image size needs to be changed, select the Toggle HTML / Rich Text button ( </> ) which will display your description as code. You will need to locate the image reference and adjust the width and height dimensions to appropriate values. This is a technical element that you may need IT assistance with completing.

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