How to view attendance, consent and information for trips

The Attendance, consent and information report enables schools to view the pupils whose payers have given consent for them to attend the trip. The report also displays the information that is requested by the school and is provided by the payer, such as emergency contact and allergies.


It is possible for schools to confirm consent, and register a place on a trip for a pupil, using this report.


Viewing the report

1.     Navigate to Payment items
2.     Select Trips
3.     Locate the required trip
4.     Select View summary
5.     Under reports, select View attendance, consent and information
6.     A list of people who have paid/confirmed attendance will be displayed



7.     To manage the report in Excel, select Export to excel


Confirming a child’s attendance


  • From within the report, select Manage attendance.
  • All pupils assigned to the trip will be listed.
  • Select Confirm place on the right of the report to provide consent and to register a place on the trip.
  • The confirmation can be removed by selecting Undo.

Please note: The ability to undo confirmation for a pupil is removed once the page has been left.