How to cancel a trip

It may occasionally be necessary to cancel a trip. When a trip is cancelled on the ParentPay system, it is possible to process any refunds that were made by card in bulk. These refunds will then be added to the appropriate Payer Accounts.


Any payments that were processed as cash or cheques can then be processed on the ParentPay system separately.


WARNING: Once a trip has been cancelled, it cannot be undone.

  1. Navigate to Payment items > Trips
  2. Locate the trip to cancel and select View summary
  3. Select Cancel trip
  4. Select the checkbox to confirm the cancellation
  5. Select Cancel trip. A green confirmation message will be displayed
  6. Pupils who have had online payments made will be listed
  7. Deselect the check boxes of any pupils who will not be refunded
  8. Edit the amounts to be refunded
  9. Select Refund selected
  10. Select the checkbox to confirm the refund and select Refund
  11. To refund any payments made via cash or cheque, select Refund Non ParentPay Payments
  12. Locate the payment to refund, and select Refund
  13. Select the method to process the refund. This can be via a cash refund, a cheque refund, or cancelling the original cheque if it has not been banked
  14. Enter the amount to be refunded
  15. If required, enter a cheque number, internal comment, or note to payers
  16. To remove the pupil from the trip, select the Remove this person from this trip checkbox
  17. Select Refund and Confirm
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