How to assign a payment item to a message

You are able to add a payment item onto a message to either pull through the balance using the balance merge field or to create a Paypoint barcode using the Paypoint Barcode merge field.


Please note: You will need to assign a payment item to the message if you are trying to send any messages using the Financial details merge fields.




1. Navigate to Communication > Create letter

2. Select the Template name drop-down menu to view all the letter templates

3. Either select a template or click Create new message.

4. Edit the text of the message if necessary and click continue to message options at the bottom.

5. Continue through to message run until you get to the ‘Add people’ section.

6. To add the payment item you would need to add the children first by Selecting An individual. You would then select the          ‘Add group’ drop down list and select ‘Payment item – All assigned’.

7. Select the payment item from the secondary drop down list and select Add.



This will send the message to that individual pupil displaying their balance or Paypoint barcode. You can add multiple pupils to the message run and this will generate a message for all those assigned.


Please note: If you want the balance or barcode for more than one payment item, you would need to send a separate message for each payment item.


8. You can now click Continue to preview and Send message at the bottom.


Please note: If you only assign the payment item to the message, it will pull through everyone assigned to that payment item and send the message to all parents.


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