How to send text messages

      1. To Send a message via SMS/Text go to Communication > Send Message
      1. Select the relevant SMS template or click Create new message to create your own
      2. If creating a new message, you will need to give your message run a name:
      3. Ensure the Send as a Text Message box is ticked
      4. You can edit the Text/SMS message by clicking Edit Text Message 
      1. Remember to click Continue to ensure your changes to the template have been saved.
      2. You will see a preview of your message on the screen, in a device like format. This will show you how the message will look to the receiver.
      3. Click Continue to Message Options to proceed to the next step.
      4. You now need to choose the appropriate priority for your text message


    1. Please note: Unless the reason for the text is an emergency (for example a school closure notification) we would recommend that text communication is sent with Normal Priority.
      1.  If you want to capture all users, regardless of whether they have registered their mobile number or not, you need to untick the Registered mobile number only tick box.

      1. Click Continue to Add People to proceed to the next step.

      1. You now need to Add People/ payment items

      1. Once you have picked the desired people select AddThis will add them to your Selected people / Payment items

      1. Click Continue to Preview to proceed to the next step.

      1. A final breakdown of your message run will appear on screen showing. Click Send Message to send the communication.