How to set up Breakfast and After school clubs

Setting up Breakfast and After School clubs


In addition to managing your school meals you are also able to manage and record attendance for breakfast and after school clubs.

Before following the instructions below you will need to setup your breakfast or after school club as a Repeatable, Variable payment item,  How to set up a Repeatable Variable payment item or contact our support team to request a Bookable item if you wish parents to be able to book sessions online.


To set up the costs

  1. Go to Attendance, meals & events > Settings and within Choose time select Breakfast or After School.


  1. Click Create new


  • Give the Event a name for example Breakfast Club
  •  You will need to tick Counts as Plate if you want the club to show on reports
  •  Setting a plate size will not affect the Breakfast Club set up
  • You do not need to tick FSM Related
  • Select who the Breakfast Club will be available for
  • Select a relevant colour and icon for your Breakfast Club event Click Save
  1. Go back to Attendance, meals & events > Settings and choose the event time and event type you created (for example Breakfast and Breakfast Club).
  2. Select Manage periods


  • Enter a date range i.e. Academic Year
  • Set the cost as the cost of each breakfast club session
  • FSM price to diner is the same as the cost
  • Price to school is the same as the cost
  • VAT rate is zero
  • Select the payment item you created that payers will be crediting payments to
  • Click Save

When you next go to Attendance, Meals & Events > Attendance and select event time Breakfast (or After School) you will be able to record attendance for Breakfast Club/After School Club.

Once you save the attendance session parents will be charged the session amount you have set.

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