Why is a parent not receiving emails?

There may be a few simple reasons a parent does not receive an email, please can you check the following:

  • Go to Dashboard.
  • Click Linked People and search for the parent.
  • Do they have an email address? If not, add this into your MIS and run the import in Schoolcomms (Arbor/ScholarPack Schools will need to wait an hour before running the import).
  • If they have an email address, is it disabled? If so, this may be showing in your Data Issues, as emails may have bounced or gone into Spam. You can enable the email address on the right-hand side, but only do this once you have confirmed the details with the parent and advised them to add your Schoolcomms email address to their address book so it does not happen again.

The Parents have marked your school’s Schoolcomms email address as SPAM

The parents have recently marked your school’s Schoolcomms email address as SPAM, which will cause them to appear in your data issues list in Schoolcomms and will prevent them from receiving emails from you. 

This is likely to have been an automated process carried out by the parent’s email provider.

Please note that when you send an email from your Schoolcomms account, the email address that recipients will see is SCxxxxxxxa@schoolcomms.com. (You will need to replace the XXXX's in the email with the schools LEA ID)

Please find below some instructions on how to add addresses to the safe sender list or contacts list for some of the more commonly used email programs.



Yahoo Mail

Gmail or Googlemail



(scroll down to ‘Setting up filter rules’ section)

Bt Internet/Mail


If the parent’s email provider is not listed or they are still experiencing issues despite following the details below, we would advise them to contact their email provider for further assistance.

Prime Parents

If you sent the message to Prime Parents, make sure the parent is showing as a Prime Parent.

To view the dispatch status for the message less than a month old:

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