Parents are paying for Dinners, but the balance is not updating?

The dinner payment request requires a specific payment type for the payments made to update the pupil’s balance.

To check this:

  • Go to Payments and select the relevant Dinners Payment Request.
  • Click Edit.
  • Check the Payment Type and make sure the payment type prefix has the following:
    • If you use Sims Dinner Money – Dinners:
    • If you use a Cashless Retailer – Catering:
    • If you use Schoolcomms Dinners – Schoolcomms Dinners:

If not, you will need to re-create your Payment Request with the correct type and manually transfer any payments across.

If the Payment Request is correct, and you use SIMS Dinner Money, ensure you have run an import (the SIMS user running this will need the Receipt Clerk permission group).

If you use a Cashless Retailer, we advise you to contact them to ensure they are successfully downloading payments from our system.