How do you add additional users?

Some licence types can have multi users. A new user can be created by the Schools Multi-user Administrator;

On the Desktop version of Schoolcomms

  • Go to Management
  • Click Manage Users
  • Click Add User at the top of the screen and complete the details, for more details on the role permissions here
  • Click save

On the web version of Schoolcomms

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Click User Accounts
  • On the Add New User Account screen that automatically pops up and complete the details for more details on the role permissions here 
  • Click save

Some license types are able to have Unlimited Schoolcomms Logins. You can create new Schoolcomms users if you are the schools Multi-User Administrator from Management – Dashboard – User Accounts

Add a New Schoolcomms user

To add a user select Add New User Account and then fill in the details.


You will need to select a permission group, these groups decide what this user is able to see/do in Schoolcomms.

Once you are happy with the details press save on the top right-hand corner.

Hint: In this window there is a check box that reads “Use this email address as the reply to address sent from the compose email screen by this user”. If you tick this, then any replies to any email this user sends out in Schoolcomms will be delivered to their own email address provided on this screen.

Memorable data will then appear for the user you have created, please write this down so you can pass this on to the user.

The users’ password will be emailed to them using the email you provided.