Why are there non-prime parents in Schoolcomms when we only import Priority 1 parents?

It is possible to manually import individual contacts from SIMS/Arbor/ScholarPack that do not meet your normal import settings; these will come into Schoolcomms as non-prime Parents. Also, this contact may, at some point in the past, have met your import settings.

If you would like to remove them from your Schoolcomms account, you can submit this request by sending an email to support@schoolcomms.com.

If an individual contact’s priority has been changed to a Priority, you are no longer importing in SIMS, and you are able to delete them in Schoolcomms.

To delete the contact in Schoolcomms, please go to:

  • Desktop version of Schoolcomms (you would access this via the desktop icon or via the focus menu in SIMS)
  • Run an import
  • Click on school members and groups
  • Click on Manage school Members
  • Search the pupil’s name
  • Click on the Linked People icon
  • Click on the contact you need to delete.
  • Click Delete

Once deleted, they will not be re-imported as they no longer have a Priority that you are importing.

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