I have refunded a parent and they have not had the money, why?

When issuing a refund for an online transaction, it is important to action the refund via Online Transaction Refunds and not Manual Transactions.

If the refund was recorded in manual transactions for the parent to receive the refund, you would need to send them a cheque.

Alternatively, if the original payment was made with the last 180 days, you can reverse the refund in manual transactions and process the refund via Online Transaction Refunds.

Before reversing the payment, we would advise you check you have an available balance to refund.
To view the balances you have available to make refunds, please go to:

  • Management Reports
  • Payments (4th from the bottom)
  • Balances Available to Refund.

Please find instructions below to assist you in reversing a refund that has been applied as a Manual Transaction, enabling you to then apply the refund as an Online Transaction Refund:

  • Go to Payments> Manual Transactions
  • Search and click on the pupil’s name
  • Select the request you had previously applied the manual refund, change the no action to manual adjustment
  • In the amount box, input the amount you had previously refunded; there is no need to add a plus sign
  • Add a comment explaining the adjustment
  • Select Apply actions to confirm and the transaction will be processed.

How to Video - Refunding the parent via Online Transaction Refunds

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