Payer guidance – How to add or amend mobile numbers

When payers provide mobile telephone numbers within their ParentPay accounts this not only allows school/s to send them SMS text message communications, but also allows them to opt in to receiving automated SMS text alerts for items such as a low dinner money balance for their child/children.


Please note: Automated text message alerts are payable by parents at 0.06p per message sent. Text messages sent to a payer by the school, via the Communication Centre, are payable by the school and schools will be invoiced for their text message usage.


Entering mobile numbers


If a payer wants to add or update their mobile telephone details they can do so as follows:

  1. Go to Profile settings > Telephone numbers


  1. Select Add Mobile number


  1. Enter the account password
  2. Enter the new mobile number
  3. Enter the new mobile number again in the Confirm new mobile number box
  4. Select Send Verification

The payers will automatically receive a registration PIN in order to register the mobile – If they do not register their mobile they will be unable to receive automated SMS text alerts from ParentPay.
Payers do not need to have registered their mobile number in order for the school to send them SMS text messages.


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