Log an Attendance call

  1. To record an attendance related call in Schoolcomms select Attendance response in the left hand menu > Process attendance response > Log call
  2. Type the student name or select it from the list then select the contact that has called from the list shown and select the date of the call by clicking on the calendar icon to expand the date range
  3. Type a description of the message into the text box
  4. Click on Show tracked absences, or Explain future absences
  5. Change the date range for tracked absences if necessary
  6. Confirm you wish to save your message, or go back and amend it
  7. Select the absence period and click Explain selected absence or Explain unlisted absence
  8. Select the start and end session and choose the relevant mark to write to SIMS and select Write Mark
  9. To show the message in SIMS tick the Write absence comment to SIMS box, if you do not do this the message will not be displayed in SIMS
  10. Remove the message from the Attendance response screen by ticking I have finished with this message.

Follow up past unexplained absences

  1. To follow up on past unexplained absences go to Attendance Contact > Follow up contact
  2. Filter by year group by selecting/deselecting the relevant tick boxes and select the range to which you wish to follow up unexplained absences
  3. Click Show when you are happy with your choices


    You may be asked to login to SIMS and you must have the relevant SIMS permissions.

  4. To show details of the absences select the school member and click Show detail. To contact the parents of each school members, tick the boxes to determine which method of contact will be used.
  5. Customize your message by selecting Message templates
  6. When you have selected all your messages click Send now/Send and log.