Sending Messages About Payment Requests

  1. To send a message regarding a payment request, go to Payments > Active Payment Requests, choose the relevant payment request from the list and select Send Message.
  2. The message can only be sent to those associated with members selected for the payment request.
  3. Select which type of message you would like to send, Text or Email, and refine who your message will be sent to- if staff are included in the payment request they will automatically be included in the message.
  4. Then select who the message is for, the options will change depending on the payment request type. The most popular choices are listed below:
    • All school members associated with the payment request
    • School members for which payments are outstanding
    • School members for which payments are overdue
    • School members for which parental consent has not been given
    • School members whose dinner money balance is below the minimum of : £10.00
  5. Type your message in the white box and select Send or Cancel to return to the Payment request screen
  6. See sent items in Messaging > Sent items to view the delivery/dispatch status of this message. For further information message delivery status see here


For further information on sent items click here

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