Manual Transactions

  1. To process manual transactions, go to Payments > Manual transactions
  2. Find the student the payment is for in the left hand list
  3. If the payment is for a Former Member you can access their details at the bottom of the list
  4. At the top of the screen select a Payer from the drop down list


    By selecting a payer this will send the payer a receipt of the transaction you are going to process via email

  5. Select an action you wish to apply in the Payment/Action column
  6. For payments that are outstanding you can select cash, bank transfer, cheque, discretionary allowance, standing order or manual adjustment
  7. For payments that have been collected you can choose discretionary allowance, full refund, partial refund or manual adjustment
  8. Enter the amount collected, a comment or consent if appropriate
  9. You can also enter a comment for the transaction
  10. Select Apply actions to confirm and the transaction will be processed.



Recording a manual refund in Schoolcomms does not return money to the payer, the school will need to issue the payer with cash or cheque or refund the payment online.