Manual Transactions

To process a manual transaction please follow the steps below:

  • Open Payments
  • Click on Manual Transactions on the left hand side of the screen
  • Search for and select the school member, if they are a leaver they will show in Former Members and you can access their details at the bottom of the list.
  • At the top of the screen you can select the Payer name

    Please note: By selecting a payer this will send the payer a receipt of the transaction you are going to process via email

  • Find the payment request you wish to process the manual transaction for

  • Select the manual transaction type by clicking the drop down arrow where it says No action.
    e.g.: Cash, bank transfer, cheque, discretionary allowance, standing order or manual adjustment
    For refunds: Select either full refund or partial refund. If you selected full refund the amount will be pre-filled, if you selected partial refund you will need to specify the amount to refund as a minus number. 
  • Enter the amount. Please note this will be a negative amount for a recording a refund or if doing a manual adjustment to move money from this payment request
  • Click on Apply Actions in the top right hand corner under the heading Transaction Controls
  • You will see a Manual Transaction Summary. N.B if you haven't selected a payer you will see a warning message at this point
  • If a payer has been selected there will be a tick box on the bottom left of this screen asking if you wish to send a transaction receipt to payer
  • If you are happy with this transaction please click Confirm
  • You will see a message in a green box at the top of the screen confirming that the transaction has been processed successfully

To transfer an amount from one payment request to another:

We would advise only transferring across payment requests if they both have the same bank account.

  • Find the payment request you wish to move the amount from and select the action type ‘Manual adjustment’. In the amount column type the amount as a minus amount. Enter a comment if you wish.
  • Then go to the request you wish to transfer the amount to, select the action type ‘Manual adjustment’. In the amount column enter the amount. Enter a comment if you wish.
  • Continue with process as detailed above.
Please be aware that the manual transaction process is purely an internal accounting procedure and does not refund monies or transfer monies between bank accounts. When refunding via manual transaction you will need to refund the parent/carer with either cash/cheque or a direct transfer from the schools bank account to the parents.