Add a new bank account

To add a bank account please go to:

  • Payments
  • Payment settings
  • Add New Bank Account
  • Save

Please note: This will not update the bank account connected to any existing payment requests, you would need to expire any requests with the old bank account and create new payment requests with the new account. Click here to access information to assist with creating the new payment request.

If the Bank account is new and proof of account has not previously been provided you will need to submit the evidence via our bank account approval form.

If adding an account that you have previously provided proof of account for, our accounts team may be able to approve this for you without you needing to provide further evidence.

Please can you email accounts via: to advise them of the account that you have re-added if needed they will ask you to re-submit the evidence via our bank account approval form.

Just to add, you are still able to create the new payment requests before the account is approved and parents are still able to make payments; however no funds will be disbursed until the account has been approved.