Enabling the SIMS plugin

Now that the SIMS plugin has been successfully installed, you will need to enable it in SIMS so that the Schoolcomms links are displayed for your SIMS users.


you will require the System Manager permission group in SIMS to complete these steps

  • In SIMS, navigate to Tools > Setups > Partner Plugins – you should see the following screen.


  • Highlight the first “Menu Item” with a red cross and click on Open.
  • Select Schoolcomms from the drop-down list and click OK.
  • Repeat this process for the Students, Staff and Attendance items where necessary, ensuring you click Save in the top-left.
  • Close SIMS and log back in – depending on your environment, it may require all SIMS users to logout for the changes to take effect.

Please click here to access the SIMS Plugin troubleshooting guide

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