Pre-admissions FAQ

If schools have pre-admissions from previous terms/years that haven’t been admitted and their status hasn’t been updated in SIMS so is still either ‘Applied’, ‘Offered’, ‘Accepted’ or ‘Reserved’ they will be included in any post-admission date import.

Please update the status of any pre-admissions who are not admitted to the school to the status Rejected or Withdrawal to ensure they are no longer imported into Schoolcomms.


Whether a SIMS custom application status is imported is dependent on the application status that it is linked to. If a custom status is linked to Rejected or Withdrawal, pre-admissions that this custom status is assigned to will not be imported into Schoolcomms. Those linked to Applied, Offered, Accepted, Admitted and Reserved will be imported.

Can dinner bookings be made for pre-admission pupils on School Gateway?

No, dinner bookings on School Gateway cannot be made for pre-admissions. They can be added to the dinner plan and the school can make bookings on their behalf.

Can club bookings be made for pre-admission pupils on School Gateway?

Yes, club bookings can be made.

Will dinner balances be displayed on School Gateway for pre-admission pupils?

No, dinner balances are not displayed on School Gateway for pre-admissions. (the dinners tile is not visible at all).

Will club balances be displayed on School Gateway for pre-admission pupils?

Yes, club balances are displayed on School Gateway for pre-admissions.

Can payments (including payments for clubs and dinners) be made for pre-admission pupils on School Gateway?

Yes, payments on School Gateway can be made for pre-admissions.

Will SIMS Dinner money payments for pre-admissions update SIMS Dinner money balances?

Yes, but the balances will not be visible on School Gateway.

Parent can see the pre-admission record on an existing School Gateway account, but the pupil hasn’t been given a place at the school yet, why?

The pre-admission pupil will be automatically linked to an existing School Gateway account if a linked contact has the same email address and mobile number. If a parent already has a child at a school using Schoolcomms the pre-admission will be automatically linked, even if the status is only ‘applied’.

Why are pre-admissions not being imported in to Schoolcomms?

Check in Management, Edit Settings that the box to import pre-admissions is ticked.
If it is, check the following in SIMS:

  • Have you entered your pre-admissions through Focus, Admission, Application and is the date of Admission in the future?
  • If it is in the past the pre-admission will not import into SC. If this is the case, you will need to change the date of admission on the intake group* (or if necessary, create a new intake group with a future admission date).
  • If you have not entered your pre-admissions here and have instead entered as new pupils in Student details (Focus, Student, Student details, New) with a future admission date, they will not be imported until that admission date as these are not classed as pre-admission pupils.

*To create a new intake group or amend an existing one in SIMS go to Routines, Admission, Admission groups, Set-up.

Will Pre-admissions import across to Meal Manager?

Providing the pre-admissions are being imported into Schoolcomms (checkbox in Import Settings via Desktop>Management>Import Management>Edit Settings) then these students will be made available for Cypad to pick up.

Please be aware parents of pre-admission students are not able to see the Lunch Money tab in School Gateway, so they are unable to view the lunch balance or make any pre-orders, but they are still able to make payments. However once the pre-admissions show in Cypad you are able to manually add pre-orders when necessary and the balance will be visible once the pupil is on role.

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