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Audience: This guide is primarily for network managers or desktop support experts.

What is the Schoolcomms scheduled import?

The scheduled import enables schools to set up a scheduled task to run the Schoolcomms import automatically.

Can Schoolcomms be used whilst the scheduled task is running?

Yes, providing a different Schoolcomms user is being used to access Schoolcomms.


To use these instructions, you’ll need to determine which computer will run the scheduled task. We recommend that you create the scheduled task on the school server to ensure optimal operation.

Schoolcomms user

Schoolcomms version 9.6D or newer must be installed on the computer (this can be verified on the login screen). If required, you can download the latest version of Schoolcomms here:

You will need to have access to a Schoolcomms user that has permissions to run the Schoolcomms import (either a school administrator or multi-user administrator)

If your school has a Schoolcomms Premium Messaging licence you can create a new user dedicated to the scheduled import. Find the User Management guide here

If your school has a Schoolcomms Standard or Just Text Messaging licence, you cannot use Schoolcomms at the same time as the scheduled import is running. We would therefore recommend scheduling the import at times Schoolcomms would not normally be used by office staff.

SIMS user

You must use a SIMS user that can access all the areas that Schoolcomms reads from, and writes to, SIMS.

Windows user

You must run the scheduled task as a Windows user that has adequate permissions to run Schoolcomms and SIMS, and also a user that can be logged in with interactively to confirm if the import is completing successfully. The user must be able to access all the functionality and write to the Schoolcomms log file (stored in the AppData\Roaming\Username\Schoolcomms folder by default).

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