Creating an email

  • To create an email message, click on Messaging in the left hand column Send an email to access the main email screen.
  • You can choose to edit an existing template for your email by clicking on Templates > Use Template or type your message straight into the text box.
  • You can change the appearance of your text by selecting the different options at the top of the text box area. To personalise the message, Mail Merge fields can be found under the Wildcard.


  • In order to attach a document to your email click Attach.


    Standard Messaging licence holders can attach files up to 3MB and Premium Messaging licence users up to 4MB.

Adding recipients

  1. To select recipients, select either the To Parents of or To School members
  2. Highlight the recipient(s) in the left hand box; select either To parents of arrow or to school member/Today’s teachers of/All teachers of to move over to right hand compose a message screen. Click OK to continue.
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