How to send a text message

  1. To create a text and/or app message click on Messaging > Send a text.
  2. You can choose to insert a messaging template or compose your message by typing in the text box. Please note you only have 160 characters per message.
  3. This message can be personalized by adding Mail Merge fields by clicking on the Wildcard function in the toolbar.

    For instance if you wanted the parents to know which pupil you were referring to if there are multiple siblings or you would just like to personalise the email, you would use the $Forename$ Wildcard/Merge field.
    When the parent receives the message they will see the forename of the pupil you have added as a recipient.

  4. Adding recipients and sending your message follows the same process as sending an email message.
  5. If any recipients are using the School Gateway app, their message will automatically be delivered within the App.
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