Sent items and delivery status

To check the delivery status of a sent item:

  • Click in Messaging.
  • Click on Sent items and input the required date range.
  • You can filter to view a message sent to a specific pupil using the drop down menu and selecting Show.
  • By highlighting a message, you can view the recipient list by clicking View message > Then select Click here to show recipient list.
  • To check the delivery status of this message, select the message and then click Delivery status for a text message or Dispatch status for an email.



You are only able to view the delivery/dispatch status details for messages sent in the past month.



  • Select the email and click on the Dispatch status icon. The first column will tell you whether the email has been dispatched, has failed or is still pending.
  • If the email has failed to be dispatched it could be that the address is incorrect or it has bounced.

Text/App Messages

  • Select the message sent.
  • Click on the Delivery status icon. The first column will tell you whether the message has been delivered, has failed or is still pending. 
  • The second column shows whether the message was sent by sms or app. If the message was sent as an app message it will say Yes in this column. So if a message was sent to multiple recipients by app or sms there will be 2 lines in Sent items for this one message, one for the app messages and one for the text messages.
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