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Please note: It is not currently possible to schedule SIMS reports to 'Send Later' or 'Send and Log'.

Sending SIMS Reports via Email

The facility to email SIMS reports is only available via the desktop version of Schoolcomms.

There are two types of SIMS reports, Assessment Manager Individual reports and Profiles reports.

  • Assessment Manager Individual reports are created in SIMS Assessment Manager, it is important to realise that this type of report is not automatically uploaded to the SIMS document management server (DMS) and only reports that have been uploaded will be accessible by Schoolcomms. Once uploaded the report will then show in the Linked Documents area (link on the right-hand side of the student record).
    Often this type of report consists of at least one table displaying a grid of results/marks/targets.
  • Profiles reports which enables the use of comment banks to produce more verbose reports which can include Assessment Manager results, comments can be automatically selected based on students’ grades for a particular aspect. Profile reports are automatically uploaded to the SIMS document manager server after generation.

Successful report attachments require

  • A recipient list containing students where at least one of the first 8 students have a report linked to them. (Schoolcomms uses the first 8 students in the recipient list as a basis for populating the Report session drop down for the selected report type)
  • If Assessment Manager Individual Reports has been selected, then the report must have been uploaded to the DMS

    If you are sending your reports in bulk via Schoolcomms using the 'reports from SIMS' attachment option, Schoolcomms will only send the relevant report to the appropriate child. If a child does not have a report uploaded in SIMS, the parent will not receive an email at all.

To send a SIMS report

  • After composing your message and selecting your recipients, click Attach and select Reports from SIMS
  • In the drop-down list you can select the Report type you would like
  • Select Preview to view the report
  • If you have our Online Reporting licence you have the option to tick if you would like to Publish the reports to School Gateway (It is possible to publish and unpublish retrospectively for more information click here)
  • To print from this screen click Print
  • To confirm the selection, select OK to attach to your message

Common issue:

  1. Have you selected the appropriate choice based on how the report was created (i.e. Assessment Manager or Profile report)?
  2. Has the report been uploaded to the Linked Documents area for the student(s):

    To upload an Assessment Manager report to the document server:

    • In SIMS navigate to Focus > Assessment > Individual Report, and find the relevant report.

    • Once loaded, click on the Students button (in section 2).

    • Select the required students/groups and click Apply

    • Tick the required names in section 2, then either export the report directly from SIMS (as Word or PDF), or click Upload to upload it to the document server.
    • The report will then show with the AM Individual Report type in the Linked Documents area of the student record. As long as the report shows in here with the correct type, it should then be visible in the reports drop-down box in Schoolcomms.

    Profile reports are automatically uploaded to the document server when generated.
  3. At least one of the first 8 students in the recipient list needs to have a report linked to them for the report session drop-down to be populated.
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