Attendance and absences

Process Attendance response

  • To view and process Attendance responses from parents go to the left hand menu and click Attendance Response > Process attendance response
  • Messages that have not been processed in the last week are displayed, you can filter these by selecting the dates you want in the date range. You can also filter by registration or year group by selecting a value in the drop down menu and clicking Show.
  • Once you have found the response you are looking for select it and then click Process response in the top toolbar. To work through a list of responses choose Select all and then Process responses.
  • The message from the parent is displayed on screen. Select the appropriate student from the drop down list and the appropriate date range for the response. Click Show tracked absences


  • Select the absence you wish to explain and click Explain selected absence
  • Use the Date lists and AM/PM buttons to select the start and end sessions that are to be explained
  • Choose the reason for absence from the drop down list. The first 250 characters of the message will be displayed in the SIMS register. The comment will not be shown if you untick the Write absence comment to SIMS tick box.
  • Only an N or can be overwritten by Schoolcomms, any other marks must be changed within SIMS. The absence session is now shown as explained
  • Select Write Mark or to cancel, click Cancel
  • When you have finished with the message tick the I have finished with this message box and close.