How do I process an Attendance Response?

Process Attendance response

  • To view and process Attendance responses from parents go to the left hand menu and click Attendance Response > Process attendance response
  • Messages that have not been processed in the last week are displayed, you can filter these by selecting the dates you want in the date range. You can also filter by registration or year group by selecting a value in the drop down menu and clicking Show.


  • To process a response, click on the message and then click on Process response at the top of the page


  • You will then be taken to the following page:


  • Select the relevant student from the drop down if necessary (if the parent is linked to multiple children).
  • Change the date range if necessary so that includes the date of the absence and then click on Show tracked absences. This will display any N marks for that period.
  • Select the absence, and click on Explain selected absence

If you click on I have finished with this message the message will be removed from the Attendance Response section.


  • Ensure the correct start date and the end date are selected and then select the Reason for absence and click Write mark which will write back to SIMS.
  • If the Write absence comment to SIMS box is ticked then the comment will be shown in the register as well as the Attendance mark.



N.B If a message is in the Attendance response section but it is not actually Attendance you can remove so only shows in the Messaging inbox by clicking on ‘Mark as not attendance’


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