Create a new payment request

  1. To create a new payment request go to Payments > Create Payment Request
  2. Give your Payment Request a name and select the appropriate Payment Request type. See the list below for examples of when to use different payment types:
    • Fixed amount: can be paid more than once – set price items that may need to be purchased several times, such as school ties
    • Fixed amount: only needs to be paid once – set price for one time payment such as £10 for a zoo trip
    • Fixed amount: paid in defined instalments – high value events with a set instalment plan such as £750 ski trip
    • Flexible amount: can be paid more than once – regular payments where different parents pay different amounts, such as dinner money or school clubs
    • Flexible amount: only needs to be paid once – one off payment for different amounts, such as voluntary contributions
    • No charge: use for consent/sign up only – free to attend events such as a trip to the library
    • Reducing balance: allow partial payments – high value events where parents can pay little and often such as a £750 ski trip

    If you would like more detail about payment request types please click here.


    Schoolcomms Clubs or Dinners customers will be used when creating chargeable clubs or setting up new dinner plans. Schools using either SIMS dinner money or a cashless caterer will; also see either dinner money or catering payment request types.

  3. The visible from and until dates determine the date range that the invited School Gateway user will be able to see the payment request online
  4. Select Require consent if you wish to gain parental consent (only parents with Parental Responsibility can see payment requests that require consent).
  5. Select Require payer comment if you want to force the payer to leave a comment before they are able to process the payment
  6. Enter the instalment details of the payment. If you are using a paid in instalments type, use the Add Instalment button to add a new instalment
  7. If you wish to limit the number of places on the payment request available, please use the limited places tick box. This will cap the number of members can pay on this request, once the limit has been reached the payment request will not appear on members School Gateway accounts
  8. To select members, use the list on the left of the screen and highlight the member(s)/group(s) from the list and click Add; the selected members will be moved to the right hand box
  9. When you are happy with the request select Save, or Cancel to return to the Payment Request screen