Adding a new bank account

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Add a new bank account

Before you start adding payment requests on your payments system you will need to set up your bank accounts. You can have more than one bank account if there are separate accounts for different payment items e.g. dinner money, milk money, trips.

  1. Go to Payments > Payment Settings in Schoolcomms
  2. Press the Add new bank account button
  3. Enter your details as follows:

Display name: This is what you will see when creating a payment request

Reference: This is what will display on the bank statement when receiving the money from us (If you are using a third-party bank account you may want to identify your school here)

Bank account name: Name of bank account

Sort code: Bank accounts sort code

Account number: Bank accounts number

When you are happy with the details that you have entered, click save

Once you have added the bank account you will then be able to create the new payment requests

  • Please be aware: This will not update the bank account connected to any existing payment requests, you would need to expire any requests with the old bank account and create new payment requests with the new account

When adding a bank account within Schoolcomms you will see the below message, asking you to provide proof of ownership for the bank account. We require proof of ownership for all bank accounts added to satisfy our fraud rules.




Until proof of ownership is provided for the bank account, the account will be placed on hold. Whilst the account is on hold no disbursements of collected monies can be made.

Please drop our accounts team an email: to let them know you have added the bank accounts, you shouldn't need to send proof of account again.

Once you have clicked on ‘click here’ within the message above, you will be taken to the following screen where you can upload your proof of ownership, which can be a bank statement, confirmation letter from the bank, blank cheque or paying in slip.

Your details will then be checked by our Finance department and the account will come off hold.


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