Club Reports

Within your Clubs system you have a series of reports which will help you manage your clubs and keep track of the balance.

Below is a list of the reports that you will be able to access and a brief outline of what they contain.

  • Log into Schoolcomms and click on Clubs > Club Reports.
  • Once you are in Clubs selectClub Reports from the left-hand side menu.This will bring up a list of the reports and a description of each report is listed alongside the report name to help you distinguish which report you need.The reports include:
    • Today’s attendance– This will display who is booked onto today’s club session and if they have attended provided you are recording the attendance in the club.
    • Club balances– This report will list the balances for all members and all clubs.
    • Club transactions– This report will list all the credits and charges for your club.
    • Club usage–  This report will display usage statistics and attendance information for your clubs.
    • Club member summary –This report will display all the sessions a member is booked onto across all their clubs.
    • Audit trail – This report will list all the club actions carried out by each Schoolcomms
  • Click on the report you wish to view.
  • To filter on a column, click the Filter icon within the column header and select the drop-down arrow.
  • To save a report select Export or you can print the report by selecting Print in the top right corner