Online Reporting settings

Enable Online Reporting

  1. Go to Online Reporting in the left hand side of the Schoolcomms menu select Switch On/Off Online Reporting.
  2. You will be prompted to login to SIMS>Login.
  3. You will then be automatically taken to the Behaviour tab within Online Reporting.



Online Reporting settings

Select within each tab which information is visible to staff/students/parents:


Under each settings tab in the General section you will need to change the date you want to report from to a todays date or one in the future to prevent all past behaviours being reported.

  1. Behaviour  Tick/untick the boxes under each section determine what parents and students can see. You can choose to import all behaviours from SIMS or untick this option and select which types of behaviours you would like to report on.
  2. Achievement – Choose the setting you wish to apply to each group. The option to choose which type of achievements is shown to parents/students is also optional.
  3. About Me – Choose who can see the contact information you have stored for the user by selecting/unselecting the options.
  4. School Details – Choose whether to display your school information on School Gateway.
  5. Student Details – choose who can see the information you have stored for the school member and select whether you wish for other linked people to be made visible.
  6. Curriculum/exam timetable– Select whether you want school member or staff timetables to be made visible on School Gateway.
  7. Assessment – Select whether to display mark sheet results to parents/students or both. If automatic notifications are selected, then the notification will be sent when the mark sheet grades are new or changed.

  8. Reports– Publish Assessment Manager Individual Reports and Profile Reports on School Gateway that have been emailed out using Schoolcomms.(See additional help document)
  9. Attendance – Attendance data can be shared with the student/parent or both.
  10. Pupil Premium – The Pupil Premium questionnaire can be completed by parents to determine the eligibility of a child/children for Pupil Premium. Notification of their eligibility will be sent to your Schoolcomms inbox, but the detail as to why they might qualify will not be disclosed.
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