Creating a Dinners Payment Request

  1. Click Dinners > Select the Dinner Plan > Create Payment Request
  2. The name of the Dinner Plan is already selected, the type of payment is by default Schoolcomms Dinners flex: can be paid more than once
  3. The payment request is linked to the Dinner Plan, this means that once a payment is made it will automatically update the members balance in Dinners and on the School Gateway
  4. Visibility – Input the dates you want your parents to be able to see the item to pay against via their School Gateway.
  5. Event date? –  you do not need to use this
  6. Additional information and consent guidance – Input any information that you feel your parents need to know when making a payment. OR ask a question of your parents in this box
  7. Require payer comment? – If you have asked a question of your Parent in the box above you can use this box to prompt an answer
  8. Bank account – Select the bank account you want Schoolcomms to deposit the money into when you parents pay online
  9. Cost centre – If you use and internal cost centre and you would like this appearing on your reports in Schoolcomms please input it here
  10. Costs & Installments – input the Due date – This is date you want your parents to pay by. Amount input the minimum amount you want your parents to pay.


    Once one parent has added this item into their basket this section cannot be amended

  11. The members of your Dinner Plan are automatically added into the payment request
  12. If you need to remove a member from the payment request so they cannot pay for a meal click on the small cross next to their name
  13. Once you are happy the details are correct click Save on the top right corner of your screen
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