How to enable push notifications

To receive push notifications for the School Gateway app the notifications must be manually turned on within the phone settings.

Please note: that every device will have other settings that can affect push notifications e.g. battery optimisation which prevents some devices from receiving push notifications when the battery is below a certain percentage. The battery setting may need to be changed from optimised to unrestricted. 

The member will need to have the latest version of the School Gateway app:

  • Download from the respective app store
  • Alternatively they can logout of the app, uninstall and then re-install and log back in. 

After following the guidance below if they are still unable to receive notifications they would need to refer to the help guide for their specific device/or contact their provider. 

How to edit Apple and Android settings so you can receive push notifications from the App.

Top tip for Android devices: If you tell the Android OS not to optimize the battery life of an app but not the Samsung settings, your phone may put it to sleep which will prevent you from receiving notifications.

To ensure you receive notifications on your device go to:

  • Settings
  • Battery
  • On the Battery page, go to Background usage limits
  • You'll find three lists of apps that have some form of power management enforced on them. To see the list of apps allowed to run in the background with as few restrictions as possible, tap Never sleeping apps
  • Add apps to this list by tapping the plus sign in the upper-right corner
We would recommend the parent clears the data/cache saved on their device for the School Gateway App. 
The exact steps to follow will vary between devices but generally the process for Android devices is:
  • Navigate to Settings > Apps
  • Find School Gateway
  • Tap "Storage and cache"
  • Tap the "clear storage" and "clear cache" options

We would suggest the parent then ensures that notifications are still enabled

  1. Go to Settings, and select Notifications > School
  2. In School, ensure that the Allow Notifications is switched on.
  3. Close the screen to save your changes
  1. On your phone go to Settings > Applications Manager
  2. Scroll down the list of apps to the School Gateway App and select it
  3. In here there will be a tick box that says Show Notifications, make sure this is ticked
  4. Close the screen to save your changes


  1. Tap the Apps icon on your home screen
  2. Tap Settings > Apps or App Manager
  3. Scroll down the list and tap School Gateway
  4. Tap Notifications
  5. Confirm Block all is toggled OFF (Samsung / other devices - toggle Allow Notifications ON)
  6. Restart your device


  1. On your phone go to Settings > Notifications and Status Bar > Notifications Centre
  2. Scroll down the list and tap School Gateway 
  3. Activate allow notifications and also priority display
  4. Restart your device


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