Parent isn’t receiving School Gateway notifications

If a parent wishes to receive push notifications for their School Gateway App they must ensure that push notifications are manually turned on for this app within their phone settings.

Every device will have settings that can affect push notifications e.g. battery optimisation prevents some devices from receiving Push Notifications when the battery is below a certain percentage.

Advice the parent to check that they are on the latest version of the School Gateway App. They can check the installed App version in the App store or logout of the App to uninstall and re-install the App.

If they are still not receiving the notifications refer the parent to the help guide for their specific device/or contact their provider for support.

Please find below details of how to enable push notifications for School Gateway to different handsets:

Apple Android Samsung Huawei
  • On your phone go to Settings
  • In here scroll down to the "Notifications Centre"
  • Select School Gateway
  • In here ensure that under the heading "Notification Centre" it is switched on
  • Close the screen; you will now receive notifications when new app messages come through