Prompting Parents

Stick to your guns

100% School Gateway uptake should always be the aim. If your school continue to communicate with parents outside of School Gateway unnecessarily then parents may choose not to use School Gateway, costing your school money.

Extend your school community

Remember to brand your School Gateway app and change the app banner to reflect events or seasons. It’s also important to use School Gateway for positive communications to establish a real sense of community.

Parents Evenings

Use the flyers and resources we’ve created here, encourage students to help their parents download the app and set up a table to help parents download and log-in to the app there and then.

Troubleshooting on behalf of your Parents

For data protection reasons, Schoolcomms staff cannot directly see your School Gateway users’ details. Any problems your parents have will therefore have to be reported to the school and the school will then have to raise the issue with Schoolcomms. However, it is often the case that the problem is due to user error (such as forgetting a login or password). Here is our guide on troubleshooting for your parents to make sure they’re never experiencing problems for longer than they need to be.

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