Parent cannot make a payment

There are a few reasons that may stop a parent from being able to pay for a payment request within School Gateway. There are a few checks that can be done to resolve this problem:

  • Within the payments section of Schoolcomms, click on the required payment request.
  • Click edit.
  • Scroll down to the members section, displaying Members to Select on the left and Selected Members on the right. Does the student the parent is linked to appear in the right-hand column, Selected Members? If not, you will need to select the student from the left-hand menu and move them into the right-hand column. Please remember to save the changes.
  • Does the payment request require consent? This can be checked in section one of the open payment request. If the Require Consent box is ticked, then the parent must have Parental Responsibility ticked within the school's MIS to see this payment request on their School Gateway account.
  • Is the parent showing in Data Issues as a blocked email address? If the parent appears on this list as either a Permanent Bounce or a SPAM report, their email address will need to be Re-enabled to be able to make a payment.