ScholarPack Data Requirements

To successfully import contact details, message contacts within Schoolcomms and for parents to access School Gateway, you will need the following data in ScholarPack:

  • Schoolcomms imports from the “Mobile Phone” and “Email” fields in ScholarPack (not the “Email 2” field).
  • “Contact Order” = priority number.
  • “Responsibility” = parental responsibility.


When editing a parent’s phone number, ScholarPack allows you to add multiple mobile numbers - if there are two with the location of ‘M’, Schoolcomms will import the first one in the list.


For Staff

Schoolcomms imports from the “Mobile Phone” and “Primary Email” fields.

Staff roles

  • If the staff Role Identifier in Scholarpack contains the word “Teacher”, the member will be placed into the MIS: Staff - Teacher (Schoolcomms created) group.
  • Any other roles will place the staff member into the MIS: Staff - Support Staff (Schoolcomms created) group.

Your import settings determine the contacts and data that are imported from your MIS database.

To review your Schoolcomms Import Settings go to:

  • Dashboard.
  • Import Management.
  • Edit Settings.
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