ScholarPack Data Requirements

To successfully import contact details, message contacts within Schoolcomms and for parents to access School Gateway, you will need the following data in ScholarPack:

  • Schoolcomms imports from the “Mobile Phone” and “Email” fields in ScholarPack (not the “Email 2” field).
  • “Contact Order” = priority number
  • “Responsibility” = parental responsibility


When editing a parent’s phone number, ScholarPack allows you to add multiple mobile numbers - if there are two with the location of ‘M’, Schoolcomms will import the first one in the list.

For Staff

  • Schoolcomms imports from the “Mobile Phone” and “Primary Email” fields

Staff roles

  • If the staff Role Identifier in Scholarpack contains the word “Teacher”, the member will be placed into the MIS: Staff - Teacher (Schoolcomms created) group
  • Any other roles will place the staff member into the MIS: Staff - Support Staff (Schoolcomms created) group.

Your import settings determine the contacts and data that are imported from your MIS database.
To review your Schoolcomms Import Settings go to:
Dashboard > Import Management > Edit Settings.