Import school members in to Schoolcomms

All School Members (pupils and staff) will need to be entered into a CSV file and imported in to Schoolcomms.

Part 1

Please complete the following information on the spreadsheet we will have provided you with, the field types are as follows:

Field# 1 Student admission number / unique identifier
Field# 2 Forename
Field# 3 Surname
Field# 4 Registration group
Field# 5 School year
Field# 6

Role ID (See the role types table)

Field# 7

Contact MIS ID

Field# 8

Contact Forename

Field# 9

Contact Surname

Field# 10

Parental Responsibility

Field# 11


Field# 12


Field# 13

FSM Start Date

Field# 14

FSM End Date

* Parental Responsibility format: Yes or No


The role types are as follows:

School member type Role ID
Student 1
Teacher 2
Support Staff 3
Governor 4
School board member 5
Other 6

Remove the column headers, the top line, from the spreadsheet


Save the Excel sheet with the following file type: ‘CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)’

Part 2 (If using the desktop version of Schoolcomms)

Log in to Schoolcomms and go to the Management tab


Click on Browse and select the CSV file you saved earlier


When the file name is showing click on Run Import to bring the data into Schoolcomms.


Part 2 (If using the web version of Schoolcomms)

  • Log in to Schoolcomms and go to the Import Management tab
  • Click or drag to select CSV file


Once the file has been selected and there are no errors, you will be able to review the data to make sure you are happy with it before running an import.

  • Amendments/new school members are highlighted in blue as seen in the screenshot below
    • Tamwar Abdullah - the registration group has been amended
    • Max Allen and Sandra Anderson - new school members (staff)
  • School members marked as leavers have dashes instead of data and are highlighted in dark grey
    • Wills Astwick – leaver
  • If there has been no change, the data is identical in each row
    • Tilly Candy - no change

Please note: There may be a short wait for the comparison table to show after you have selected a file.



  • If the file type is not supported, you will see a validation error.

Accepted file types:

  • CSV
  • CSV UTF-8
  • CSV (MS-DOS)
  • CSV (Macintosh) (Mac only)

  • If there are one or more data issues, you will see the error message below













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