Sending Reminder Emails

Navigate to Schoolcomms on the Web. You should be taken directly to the main Schoolcomms dashboard. If you are not, please click the icon in the top left corner – it looks like 3 people. Once you’re on this screen you will be able to see the number of parents who have contact details in the system and the number of parents who have signed up to School Gateway, either via the app or the web version. To send the parents that haven’t yet signed up to School Gateway a reminder, click a section of the relevant pie chart.




A dialogue box will pop up, explaining in more detail what this chart represents. To send an email to all of the parents that do not yet have a School Gateway account, click the button labelled Compose Message.




This will redirect you to the messaging pane and will automatically have added all of the parents that do not yet have a School Gateway account to the Send to bar. Now you can either write your own message or use the template that we have created especially for this task. To select a template, click the drop down arrow.




Select the email template title **New** School Gateway App Invite and edit it as necessary. Input your school name and school logo into the banner of the email and add school contact details near the end of the email plus any other information you might want to include. Once done, send the email or schedule as you would any other email.