FSM Allowance

You will need to ensure your Free School Meal Allowance is set up on your ParentPay system. This will make certain the correct entitlement is attributed to free school meal pupil’s accounts.

When the allowance is set a pupil can purchase items, or be recorded as having a school meal, and the relevant allowance will be deducted as set in ParentPay. This adjustment will be shown on the pupil statement.

Please note: Some cashless till systems set the FSM Allowance from within the cashless till system, please check with the ParentPay Support Team to ascertain if you are required to keep your free meal allowance up to date on your ParentPay site.

To update your free meal allowance go to Attendance, meals and events > Settings > FSM Allowance.

Within the Apply to all of allowance group 1 section enter a relevant free school meal allowance value, enter a start date and leave the end date blank.

Click Dry run to update the free meal allowance.