How to perform a balance transfer between payment items

You may need to transfer payments between payment items if a parent has paid to the incorrect item or if they have credit on an item they no longer use.


Please note: Balance transfers should only be made between payment items that are set as Repeatable, Variable amounts. If the payment item is not set us as a Repeatable, Variable amount, you will need to process a Record Adjustment instead.

If you use this screen to transfer funds between payment items that are not settled to the same bank account, you will have to arrange to move the money between bank accounts separately.


To complete a transfer


  1. Select Finance > Balance transfers


  1. Choose the payment item you want to transfer from
  2. Choose Group 1 (pupil, staff etc)
  3. Choose Group 2 (year group, reg group or All)

Please note: If the pupil is no longer on roll at school you will have to tick the ‘include leavers’ box

  1. Click Search


  1. Against the relevant pupil, Click Select pupil

Please note: You will not have the option to select pupils who have a zero balance

  1. Now select which payment item and pupil you wish to transfer to and click Search


  1. Click Select Pupil against the child you want to transfer to


  1. Enter the amount you wish to transfer then click Transfer balance

Please note: You can tick the Add comments/notes box to enter an internal comment for audit purposes and a Note to Payer


  1. This will complete the transfer and you will see a confirmation page. Both parts will remain visible for auditing purposes in the pupil statement.


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