Configuring Classroom Selection lunchtime sitting groups

Schools who have different lunchtime sitting for Key Stage groups, year groups, or classes can now set these up within the ParentPay Classroom Selection module. Schools can create a maximum of 3 different sittings and can select the sitting groups when running reports, such as the Classroom Selection attendance report.

  1. Navigate to Attendance, meals & events
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Set up lunchtime sittings
  4. Check the boxes of any year groups or classes to be included in the sittings
  5. Select Save changes

Please note: A warning triangle will be displayed against any classes that are not included in a sitting group. This symbol is for information only, and will not affect the ability to save the sitting groups.


Please note: If you do not have different sittings within your school, you should leave this page unconfigured.




Question: Can I add more sitting groups than the three that are currently available?

Answer: No, the functionality is limited to only 3 groups


Question: Can I add individual pupils from classes or year groups to each sitting group?

Answer: No, sitting groups can only be managed by registration groups as defined by your MIS upload.