Making or editing Classroom Selection meal choices as a manager

The Make/edit meal choices page provides school managers with a class progress summary screen and the ability to see individual selections for each class.  In addition, it enables a school manager to take full control of the class selections (blocking the teachers/pupils classroom selections) to make choices on behalf of a class or to update already confirmed choices to capture late arrivals.




Please note: You should only use this process once the class has CONFIRMED their selections or if you are taking responsibility for the whole class (e.g.teacher absence). Once you have made changes to a classes data, the teacher in that class will no longer be able to submit their selections.


Recording a meal choice for a pupil

  1. Navigate to Attendance, meals & events.
  2. Select Classroom selection.
  3. Review the Classroom selection status on the right of the screen and select Refresh if the time is not current.
    A green tick indicates the classroom selections have been submitted. If the classroom selections have not yet been submitted, any pupils who are late to school can be sent to class to register their meal choice with the teacher.
  4. If the choices have been submitted, the meal can be recorded by the ParentPay manager.
  5. In the Search filter enter the details of the group to be edited. An individual’s name can be entered if required.
  6. Select the Date to be viewed.
  7. Select Search for pupil(s).
  8. A list of the pupils in the group selected will be displayed showing the meal choices selected and submitted in class.
  9. Using the drop-down menu in the Meal choice column, select the meal the pupil requires.
  10. Any pupils whose meal choices have been updated will be highlighted in blue.
  11. Once all changes have been made, select Save changes.
  12. A confirmation message will be displayed.

If the class teacher is absent or unable to mark the classroom selections for the class, the school’s ParentPay manager will be able to record all the required meals for that day.

If the school’s ParentPay manager attempts to save changes for an unconfirmed class, a warning message will be displayed informing the manager that saving the changes will prevent the class teacher from making further changes within the classroom selection application.




WARNING: If a school’s ParentPay manager makes and saves any minor changes to the meals of a class with unconfirmed classroom selections (For example; a pupil who is late to school), the teacher will be unable to submit the meal choices for the rest of the class.

If the school’s ParentPay manager does unintentionally record a meal for a pupil in an unconfirmed class, they would need to mark the meal choices for the rest of the pupils in that class.




Question: If I accidentally make a selection prior to the teacher completing their choices, is there a way to reverse this?

Answer: No, once a manager confirms their choices the take full control over all administration of that class group.


Question: If a pupil arrives late but the class have not submitted their selections yet, what should I do?

Answer: Take down the choice of the pupil but advise them to go to their class and update their choice with there teacher.  Before sending the schools choices to the kitchen, check that the late arrivals have been entered correctly and alter those that have not.


Question: The kitchen needs the meal numbers but some of the classes have not submitted their selections yet; What should I do?

Answer: Confirm with the teacher that they have used the Confirm choices option in the Teacher view of their Classroom Selection page. If the choices are still not confirmed, have them use the Print page option from the top right corner of the Teachers view which will allow you to manually enter the choices for their class.  This is likely to be a connection issue within the school.


Question: My report numbers do not tally to the selections that have been made by the teacher or manager; Why is this?

Answer: If a manager confirms a choice for a pupil prior to the teacher confirming the classes general choices, the autosave function will continue to make updates to the choices but they cannot be confirmed.  There is currently no workaround to this issue.  It is vital that no manager changes are made until the classes selections have been confirmed.


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