Using ScholarPack Meal Attendance

Schools can import meal attendance records for either a single day or for a date range up to 7 days at a time, within the current academic year.

  1. Navigate to Attendance, Meals and Events
  2. Navigate to ScholarPack meals import
  3. Select the appropriate range for the Date of import

  1. Select Import register
  2. The import is then queued and will be processed shortly.  The time varies based on the number of days chosen, the size of the school and the time of the day the import was queued. This will typically take no more than 5 minutes.
  3. You can check the progress at any time by navigating to the Meal import history tab.
  4. A green tick next to the import indicates that it was successfully uploaded – if you need additional details you can select the View details link.


Updating and amending meals attendance


The ScholarPack data is considered the master in this process and as such, all amendments need to be made and then reimported using that system.  It is not possible to make amendments to imported meal attendance records from the ScholarPack system. 


When navigating to Attendance, Meals and Events > Attendance, all imported data is locked.




Please note: This is for imported data only - manually recorded Staff or other consumer attendance remains available for amendment.