Banking Cash and Cheque Payments

When you credit cash and cheque payments onto the ParentPay system they are recorded in the section called Banking. When the cash and cheque payments are taken to the bank you will need to record them as banked within ParentPay.

To mark your cash and cheque payments as banked click on Finance > Banking.




A list of the total non-banked cash and cheque amounts held is displayed.

  1.  Cheques are listed individually and you need to tick any cheques that you are banking.
  2. Type in the amount of cash you wish to bank in the Cash banked box.
  3. The Choose banking date will default to that day’s date, if you are entering the banking on a different day change the banking date.
  4.  Enter a Banking reference, for example the Remittance Advice Slip number.
  5. Click Save.



The selected cheques and cash amount entered will now be removed from the banking screen.
On the payment report, cheques appear as Processed when entered on the system and Settled when banked.

An audit trail of your banking will be saved. You can access the Bank Report via Finance > Reports select Other Reports and run the Bank report




The bank report will confirm the cash and cheque banking you have taken to the bank/post office or sent via security pickup