Manual refunds

Occasionally, it is necessary to provide a manual refund to a payer due to no online option being available.  Example situations are:

  • The original payment card has expired and there are no alternative payments that can be refunded.
  • The original payment is too old to process and there are no alternative payments that can be refunded.
  • The original payment was made manually, e.g. using cash, cheque or PayPoint.

Please note: Whenever making a refund, you should consider any other adjustments or payments that you have made from other sources, such as Pupil Premium or Bursaries. If Childcare vouchers have been used, the associated balance cannot be legally refunded in cash.

Please note: If you are intending on refunding a balance for a leaver, ensure that they no longer intend to use the service. If you refund too early, you may cause them to go into debt if they are still using the attendance service.

Please note: Please ensure if you process any manual payments that you retain a signed receipt from the recipient of the refund.


Refund balances using a manual process

  1. Navigate to Finance > Record Adjustments
  2. In Choose payment criteria
    • Select the appropriate Payment item
    • Select Debit as the method
  3. In the Choose group or search for pupil
    • Search for the relevant pupil using the available options
  4. Select Searchmceclip0.png
    The balance remaining or amount paid (depending on payment item) will show against the pupil in the Balance column
  5. Enter the Amount being refunded into the Amount field
  6. Enter Internal comment and Notes to payer to describe the refund for your internal audit record
  7. Select Debit

Please note: While the adjustment has been made in ParentPay, you still need to provide the appropriate refund to the parent using cash of cheque that matches the above adjustment.