Optional tasks

There are several optional tasks available which have been tailored to your installation where possible.

Please note: Some tasks may show due to a historical configuration that is no longer in use by your school.  If this is the case you can safely ignore the associated task. Please let us know if you would like these tasks removing and we will assist.

Task name Number of subtasks Requirements
Managing debt and credit balances 2 Pupils that will become leaver in the new academic year should have left but the first upload of the rolled up new year should not have been completed.
Update meal patterns 1 Details of the patterns that will be used by pupils in the new academic year
Update menus 1 Details of the menu for the new academic year
Upload new pupils 2 To upload preadmission pupils you will need to have them entered on to your MIS with permanent UPNs

To upload the new pupil intake you will have to have rolled up the years (start of the new academic year) and completed all entries in your MIS
Record upcoming changes 1 Any information about upcoming integration or partner changes such as cashless or MIS changes happening between this academic year and next.
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