How to manage your Merchandise Shop

The ParentPay Support Team will have created a template Merchandise Shop for you to begin populating with categories and products.

In order for your customers to make use of this shop several steps require completing:

  • Check the shop front to ensure the name, welcome text and appearance are as expected
  • Create categories to group your products
  • Create individual products for items you wish to sell
  • Publish the shop
  • Update your school website with the new shop URL for easy navigation


Checking your Merchandise Shop template


To view and check your Merchandise Shop:

  1. Go to Settings > Shop Manager

This will display a list shops you currently have configured.

  1. Choose the Edit option against the merchandise shop that you want to amend/update


The shop summary screen will be displayed allowing you to review the template configuration that has been set up for this Merchandise Shop. You can update the information by clicking on the Edit shop details button.



You can see what the Merchandise Shop will look like by clicking on the preview shop button at the bottom of the page. If the shop is unpublished, which will be it’s default state when created by the ParentPay Support Team, the preview will display only the template information and state that the shop is temporarily unavailable.

  1. Check that the shop name, the welcome text, the banner colours and the contact email are all correct. If required, edit the shop and update the relevant details.


Creating Categories


Categories are used to group products together, for example school uniform, PE Kit, etc.

  1.  To add a category click Add a category – This will load the Create a category page.

  1. Enter a Category name
  2. Enter a Category description
  3. Select if you want this category to be published or unpublished


Unpublishing a category will make it impossible for customers to select products within this category. NB: This is a simple way to remove access to a range of products, such as at the end of a seasonal period. Additionally, if there are no published products assigned to the category, it will not be displayed in the shop, as there would be no products for sale of that type.

  1. After each category is created, you can either:
    Save category and add another if you wish to continue adding in your categories or
    Save category if you wish to finish adding categories and move onto updating products.
  • Once saved, your top 5 categories will be listed on the shop summary screen. You will also have an Actions drop down that will allow you to edit or delete a category.

If you have more than 5 categories, click on the View all categories button to view and edit them. In this screen you will also have a Bulk Actions drop down that will allow you to perform one of three actions to all ‘ticked’ category’s.

These actions include:

  • Delete – delete the category(s) (places it under the Deleted tab)
  • Unpublish – removes the category(s) from the published shop front but does not delete it
  • Publish – makes the category live allowing the products within it to be visible on the published shop front

You are also able to add additional category’s from this page by clicking on the Add a category button and filling out the required fields.


Please note: The categories in your shop will be listed in ascending Category ID order. Ensure that the category you wish to have at the top of the shop screen has the lowest ID value.


Creating Products


Products are the individual items you wish to sell via your shop page. All the items you wish to sell must be published and assigned to a category before they will be visible and available for purchase on your shop page. There are additional options available which will enable you to set multiple size choices and to configure these sizes for price and availability.

  1. To add a product, click Add a product on the summary screen.

This will take you into the Product information screen. Each product must be assigned to a category.

  1. Under Choose category, using the drop down list, choose the category you wish to allocate the new product to. If you need to create an additional category there is a button here to add another to your list.

  1. Once you have assigned a category, enter the Product information data:
  • Product name (mandatory field*) – Name of the product as displayed in the product table and on the published shop front to the payer.
  • Product description (mandatory field*) – a brief description about the product (Maximum 100 characters)
  • Product price (mandatory field*) – this is the price of the first variant you are adding for the product and must be added in the format 0.00, e.g. 1.50, 250.00, 0.50. All additional sizes will be allocated their own individual price.
  • Product availability (mandatory field*) – this is where you set a current stock value for the currently selected variant. The options are: in stock, low stock or out of stock.
  • Product variant (mandatory field*) – this is a text value of the first variant you would like to add. For example, S, Small or 22 are all allowed entries. If the item has only one variant please indicate this e.g. ONE SIZE
  • Product code (mandatory field*) – the schools own code which is for reference only as it will not be displayed to the payer on the published shop front. If you have not got a unique reference code for the item one will be automatically generated.
  • Product image (optional) – browse to the image of your product and upload it. It must not exceed 2MB and must fit within the dimensions 298px x 298px. If you need to amend the size of an image, a short guide on how to achieve this using Microsoft Paint is included at the end of this guide.

Please note: if you do not upload an image, a ParentPay placeholder image will be used instead.

  • VAT inclusive (value added tax) (mandatory field*) – select either the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ radio button to set whether or not the item price you have allocated includes VAT or not. Each size of the item can have this flag individually configured.
  • Publish to web (mandatory field*) – set this to Publish if you wish for the product to be made visible to the customer or Unpublish to create the product but have it not visible yet (for instance, if you have new items that are not yet available for sale but you wish to set them up in advance).
  1. You can now view the product or add more variants using the View/add more variants button which is described in more detail below.
  2. If there are no further amendments to make, click on the Confirm Product button to save it.
  3. You will see the Confirmation of Product page where you can select Save product or Save product and add another if you wish to add more.

  1. You will be taken back to the Product summary page where you can review your setup and preview the products.

Please note: You can edit products at any point in order to manage availability, add sizes, and adjust prices, etc. by using the Actions menu associated with it. This is available either on the main shop page, if it was one of the last 5 amended items, or from the View all products screen. This is covered in a later section within this guidance.


Adding additional variants or types


If the product you are selling has more than one variant or type, you can add an individual price and description for each variant..

  1. Select the product you wish to edit and from the Actions box select Edit product

  1. Select Edit/add more variants

  1. You will see the existing variants screen, select Add variant

  1. Enter the details then select either Save variant and add another or Save

  1. Click Confirm changes when you have completed editing the item
  2. Click Go back to return to the Product summary screen


Publishing the shop

  1. When all the categories and products have been added you will need to publish the shop. At the bottom of the Product summary page, click on the Publish Shop button in order to activate the shop and make it visible to your customers.
  2. You will be asked to confirm your choice. Click OK

By publishing your shop, a shop URL will be generated which can be added to your school website as a link for your customers to use or provided directly to customers to whom you wish to allow access.



You can copy this URL link from the Product summary page. If you wish to you can view the
published shop by clicking on this URL link. This will take you to the shop page as if you were
a customer accessing the site.



Once you have published the site, the Publish shop button becomes Unpublish shop. If you wish to remove visibility of all your products you can click this button. This puts the following message in place of the categories and products on your shop:



Viewing all products


To view a complete list of products within the shop, you can click the View all products button at the bottom of the Product summary page.



This will take you to the Products Table. Each product will be listed along with any sizes that have been configured. The grey rows represent the products while the white rows are the sizes associated with that product.


You can filter the visibility of your products using the following predefined tabs:

  • Published – shows you only published products
  • Unpublished – shows you only unpublished products
  • Deleted – shows you only deleted products



From the products table you can perform updates to individual items, individual sizes or perform a variety of bulk updates.


Editing or deleting individual products or variants


On each grey line there is an Actions drop down that offers two options:


  • Edit  – edit the details of the product
  • Remove  deletes the product


On each white line there is an Edit variant button to allow you to adjust individual variant prices,
names or availability. Upon clicking Edit, the row will turn blue and you can adjust the values
as appropriate. Once you are satisfied with your change, click the Update button to save the change or the Cancel button to discard.




Bulk editing or deleting multiple products or sizes


The Bulk actions drop down list at the top right of the Products table allows you to make change for multiple products. In order to complete bulk actions you must tick the check box of each product or size that you wish to bulk edit. Once ticked any bulk action applied will affect all items. The available options in the list will be tailored to the items you have selected.


The Bulk actions available are:

  • Change category – change the category of multiple products (grey lines only)
  • Change price – change the price of multiple sizes (white lines only)
  • Delete – delete multiple products/sizes (any items)
  • Availability – change the stock availability of multiple sizes (white lines only)
  • Unpublish – unpublish multiple products from the published shop (grey lines only)
  • Publish – publish multiple products currently marked as unpublished (grey lines only)