Caterer Application Introduction

What is the Caterer Application?

The Caterer Application is a tool that provides centralised reporting and refunding for payments into centrally managed bank accounts.  Those accounts are configured and managed within the Caterer Application and linked to associated schools who can then link them with their payment items.



Access to the Caterer Application is through the Login button located at using supplied caterer credentials.  Once logged in the Home screen is displayed.  



At the top of the Home screen, the top menu presents three available navigation options:

  • Home – Navigate back to the home page from any other screen
  • Profile – Configuration page to adjust the current user’s
  • Log out – Close the currently logged-in session returning to the login screen

Immediately following this is the title bar which displays the following:

  • Establishment icon – the image used to represent the establishment, visible to the payers and schools
  • Establishment name – the name of the establishment, visible to the payers and schools
  • Current user (and username) – the name of the current user and their associated username
  • School ID – the identifier ParentPay uses to uniquely identify your establishment
  • Support Code – the code needed to call the service desk that uniquely identifies your active session

At the bottom of the title bar is the core menu with the following options (click on an option to learn more):

  • Home – displays a dashboard with links to the most commonly used screens and reports
  • Payment items – presents a list of all payment items linked to the Caterer Account for each associated school
  • Finance – provides payment summary and bank account information
  • Reports – home to all non-interactive reports available for review or download
  • Settings – configuration options for management of the Caterer Application
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