Enabling the Erudus Integration

To enable the Erudus Integration go to Admin > Suppliers [2] > select a Supplier [3] > API tab [4]


In the API Tab select the Supplier [6] from the drop-down list, then click the Tick Box [5] for Erudus Integration and click Save [7].

If your supplier is not available in the list, you can either click the Request new Supplier [8] button or contact CYPAD support to request the supplier to be added to the list. For more support using this feature, refer to Admin - Ordering API: Stage 2.

Email Notification

The Other Integrations [1] column confirms the Erudus Integration is active with the Erudus icon being visible for a Supplier.


In the Info tab [2] go to the bottom of the window and edit the Erudus email copies to [3] address. You can add multiple email addresses by separating each email address with a semi-colon (e.g. admin@school.ac.uk; user1@school.ac.uk).

To save the changes you have made click the Save [4] button.

Example email

When a Stock Item is updated via the Erudus Integration an email is sent with details about which Products [1] have been updated and what allergen and nutritional data has been Changed [2].


Stock Items

Allergen and Nutritional Data

The data in the Allergens tab and Nutrition tab is un-editable when the Erudus Integration is enabled.

Go to KM Admin > Stock Items [1] > set Supplier Filter [2] to an integrated supplier (e.g. Brakes)


When you click on a Stock Item [3] that has the Erudus icon against it a disclaimer will appear at the bottom of the Allergens window [4] and Nutrition window [5] that confirms the information is updated by Erudus and cannot be altered [6].

Kitchen Manager

Should you need to manually edit a Stock Item [1] please be aware that changing the Stock item code [2] will Remove the Erudus Integration link [3] to that Stock Item.


If the new stock item code is integrated with Erudus the link will be restored when the Erudus Integration next runs.

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